Andy’s personal training programs focus on physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of health and wellness.  He understands first hand the process of weight loss and has lost over one hundred pounds and is currently training for Iron man 140.6 distance. He is ACT certified which means he is held to a higher standard of care, including confidential training. He is prepared to develop an exercise program specific to your needs and will inspire you to elevate your level of physical fitness.



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18057014_10212310273210340_410901175142181416_n Benefits of Training With Andy

  • Andy Specializes in Fat-Loss and Strength Training 
  • Customized programs for your body type, your genetics and your exercise history.
  • Safely and efficiently accomplish your goals.
  • One-on-one motivation and support.
  • Andy travels to work with his clients on a Individually basis.
  • Complete confidentiality of all records and workouts.