The Nervous System

Our nervous system is the the control center of our body it’s like a communication facility.  Your body has billions of nerve cells, and these nerve cells are called neurons. These neurons distribute information.  The three major functions of the nervous system are sensory, integrative, and motor functioning. The main purpose of the communication facility (nervous system) is to process information and it gets relayed back and fourth to different body parts. The way a neuron is structured it allows for fast communication and consistently is sending signals throughout the body to and from the cells. The main component is a cell body or soma.  There is a long branch out from the soma called the axon which sends information through the nerve to organs, muscles and other neurons . All other communication happens through junctions also known as synapses , they are the chemical messengers of the nervous system and get released before the synapse and bind the incoming cells

The four major sections of the brain are the cerebrum, the diencephalons, the cerebellum, and the brain stem.  The cerebrum consists of 85% of the brains total weight.  It is divided into a left and right side and controls the muscles, organs and hearing as well as thinking and our ability to speak.  The most central part of the brain is the diencephalon.  It regulates hormones and is similar to the cerebrum but controls our balance, posture and coordination.  The brain is protected by several layers of membranes that are located just under the skull.

In conclusion, the nervous system is our satellite network of today.  With an impaired nervous system, the human body would have significant disabilities.  When it functions normally, it allows us to walk, think and communicate, and provides us with the physical function needed to take care of ourselves and others.


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