FordPass, powered by FordPass Connect service, previously available through one, two or five-year trial subscriptions depending on model year, will now be complimentary
FordPass, powered by FordPass Connect service, previously available through one, two or five-year trial subscriptions depending on model year, will now be complimentary

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Ford F-150 Raptor
Ford F-150 Raptor

Andy’s Overview 2020 F-150

With a new year about to be underway, some of you may be thinking that it’s time to invest in a new vehicle. If you want something that can help you at work, at play, and still get you where you want to go in the city, then maybe what you’re looking for is the 2020 Ford F-150.

The F-150 series has always stood out in the Ford line-up, and it’s particularly useful here on the East Coast where states like New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland can get the full brunt of the seasons, and drivers need a bit more vehicle durability and traction. That is where the Ford F-150 excels.

So, what can the 2020 model of the Ford F-150 do for you? Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of this year’s latest iteration.

Military Tough

You know that when something is good enough for the American military, it’s going to be good enough for you! And that’s one of the key features of the 2020 Ford F-150. Going above and beyond the needs of a typical general consumer vehicle, the Ford F-150 is built with military grade aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy is not steel. Aluminum alloy is better than steel, which is one of the reasons why it’s been approved for both military spec and aerospace manufacturing for years. Through a complex metallurgical mix of aluminum and other metals, a sturdy, durable, resilient, and flexible material has been crafted with a huge number of benefits.

The F-150’s military-grade aluminum alloy means that drivers get the toughness of steel but not the susceptibility to rust. They get the durability of steel, but they don’t get the weight, which makes for a lighter vehicle. It provides all of the advantages of steel, with none of the drawbacks, and some big benefits in addition, such as better fuel efficiency and capability on the road due to that reduced mass.

A Safer, Easier Drive

Ford has made driving the F-150 safer and easier than ever before with a suite of modern, 21st-century enhancements to help reduce driver errors. It’s not just four-wheel drive that can give you more control, they’ve built in a plethora of sensors and cameras to help with:

Blind Spot Detection (available on select trim levels)

A sensor built into the F-150 is firmly trained on your blind spot. Now, if you are thinking of changing lanes or want to make sure you know who’s around you, the sensor informs you whenever another vehicle is already occupying your blind spot. Moreover, this coverage extends to your trailer if you’re currently using one.

Pedestrian Detection (available on select trim levels)

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially on streets where children may not be paying attention to traffic while they play. A pedestrian sensor combines with a pre-collision assist braking system so that even if you’re not confident about your reaction time in a sudden braking situation, the Ford F-150 is there to help.

Trailer Back-Up Assist (available on select trim levels)

The Ford F-150 can tow huge amounts of weight, including your boat! However, sometimes backing your boat up can be a trial in and of itself. With a Trailer Back-Up Assist system in place, cameras give you the perfect view of where you’re trying to maneuver your trailer, to help you get it done faster, easier, with less backing out and starting over.

The Performance You Deserve

Different drivers are going to have different needs, and the Ford F-150 is ready with the power and engine that meets your requirements. You might just need a 2.7-L eco-boost gas engine, something sturdier at 3.5-L for towing, a 3.0-L diesel engine, or a more rugged engine at 5.0-L with options for compressed natural gas and propane. Whatever it is, the Ford F-150 is ready for you.

Ford has six different engines to serve your needs, whether it’s occasional work or more regular light-duty needs to help with your job. There’s an engine that does what you need it to, in a variety of different configurations and fuel options. As long as you know what demands you have, picking the right engine in the right model will make a huge difference.

The Work Options You Want

The Ford F-150 sports best-in-class payload and towing specifications in the industry. Whether you need to tow something over 10,000 lbs or carry it in the flatbed, different Ford F-150 models are here to meet your rugged recreational, commercial, or industrial needs.

The Ford F-150 even comes with a range of smart options to make work easier. It’s built with LED lights for the bed to work in the dark, a BoxLink system to give more options for tying cargo down, and even built-in steps to get into the bed easier.

There are also ramps that can be laid out to steer ATVs and other vehicles onto the bed faster and with more convenience (available on select trim levels.) The Ford F-150 has been designed from the ground up to help people work and play in smarter and faster ways.

Get Your Ford F-150 Today

If you’re looking at the Regular, Super-Cab, or Super-Crew models, we’ve got them. We can even configure your bed size option from 5.5’ all the way up to 8’. Find out whether the XL, King Ranch or The Ford F-150 Raptor is right for you, with the help of Andy S. McConnell.

Andy S. McConnell can guide you at Preston Ford & Lincoln, ranked 44th In the Nation out of 3500 dealerships. With the largest inventory in the East Coast, out-of-state delivery capability, and a commitment to making sure people drive away with the new or used vehicle that serves their needs, Andy wants to help. He knows that different people will have very different needs when it comes to the vehicle that works best for them, and he’s got the experience to find you the right match. If you’re looking for a 2020 Ford F-150, you’ll find it with Andy S. McConnell.

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