Buying a car from out of state?

Let Andy answer your questions below.

Andy McConnell is proud to help local shoppers as well as guests from out of town. While he works hard to bring you affordable prices, Andy understand you might still have some questions if you are purchasing a car out of state. See some commonly asked questions below!

Will I be able to finance with my bank or credit union?

Certified or wired funds must be received before delivery. Letters of credit, drafts, or funds on hold will not be accepted for out of state dealers. Andy works with a well-versed financing team that is fully prepared to provide you with the assistance that you need.

Are the prices and incentives going to be the same as in my home state?

When you buy a vehicle from Andy McConnell, keep in mind that the price advertised applies to those that live in the local region. You may experience different prices and offers if you are from a different area.

Can my vehicle be shipped directly to me?


How long does it take to register my vehicle?

Every state differs on the length of this process. Issues including state inspections, emission testing, and a number of different fees could make this process last longer. We always look to complete this process in 60 days or less.

Can I handle my title and registration?

If you buy a used model with funds that are available right away, then you can. If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle or if you are financing a model, then you can’t. Financial lenders will need your registration and your lien record. Ford will also need proof of registration that matches the incentives used.

Can I register any model in my home state?

Remember that some states have emission requirements that are different from those in Maryland.

Will I be able to title and register a model I bought outside of MD?

Yes, you will be able to register and title a vehicle that you buy in your home state. Even if you purchase your vehicle from a Ford dealer in Maryland, you can still title and register it outside of the state.

What if I will be away from my home state for a while?

Unless your home state requires vehicle inspections or emission inspections before you register the vehicle, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

How do I handle my out of state insurance?

Buyers have to present state-specific and VIN-specific proof of insurance, your license in that state, plus a copy of your state registration. Be sure that these forms are consistent with the address on your vehicle’s registration.

Andy McConnell will happily arrange a shuttle for out-of-state customers to and from Preston Motor and BWI airport!

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