How To Use The FordPass™ app

October 6, 2020
October 6, 2020 Andy McConnell

How To Use The FordPass™ app

Ford Pass

Download the FordPass™ App
The FordPass™ App is a one­-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do ­— only smarter, better and easier than ever before.

First You’ll Go to the App Store or the Google Play store.
Download FordPass™.

Second  You’ll Enroll – Create or Log In  Create
You can create an account through FordPass™ by filling out a form with your basic information.
Log In
If you already have a Ford Owner Account (, you can log in using your existing Owner Account credentials (username and password).
Enroll – Create a PIN
You will enter a 4­-digit PIN for added security protection.
iPhone users can choose to use Touch ID also.

Third  Add a VIN

Once you do this you’ll be prompted to activate your new vehicle!!

You’ll need to be inside the vehicle to complete the activation  

must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass app on a smartphone and remain active for at least 6 months after activation. Buyers of non-modem equipped vehicles will also receive Points for complimentary maintenance after enrollment. Ask Andy for more details.

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