FordPass™ app

October 22, 2019
October 22, 2019 Andy McConnell

FordPass™ app

FordPass, powered by FordPass Connect service, previously available through one, two or five-year trial subscriptions depending on model year, will now be complimentary

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Download the FordPass™ App
The FordPass™ App is a one­-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do ­— only smarter, better and easier than ever before.


First You’ll Go to the App Store or the Google Play store.
Download FordPass™.

Second  You’ll Enroll – Create or Log In  Create
You can create an account through FordPass™ by filling out a form with your basic information.
Log In
If you already have a Ford Owner Account (, you can log in using your existing Owner Account credentials (username and password).
Enroll – Create a PIN
You will enter a 4­-digit PIN for added security protection.
iPhone users can choose to use Touch ID also.

Third  Add a VIN

must be activated within 60 days of purchase through the FordPass app on a smartphone and remain active for at least 6 months after activation. Buyers of non-modem equipped vehicles will also receive Points for complimentary maintenance after enrollment. Ask Andy for more details.

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